Employee & Manager Self Service

The smart way to manage - Employee and Manager Self Service

The MX-SelfManager (ESS ) is a web-based tool used to simplify the scheduling management of your most important resource – your workforce. ESS provides unparalleled flexibility and Self Service to allow employees access to their most important information over the Internet. Because ESS is an integral part of MPEX Workforce Management on Demand, you have greater control over accessing schedule and deployment information at anytime, from anywhere.

Why MX-SelfManager?

To effortlessly sign up for Overtime and update their Availability

Employees can now request to update their availability online and be available for extra duty or overtime assignments through their own Employee Self Service portals. In addition, staff can input work availability preferences based on department and times they prefer to work. All this information is routed in real-time back to MX-SmartScheduler and MX-SmartTracker to be approved by their supervisor, eliminating the need for paperwork and administrative overhead.

To request for Leave of absence

Employees can use their MX-SelfManager on Demand (ESS) to make and review the status(es) of their request for leave of absence. They can also view Time Bank balances through ESS and much more.

To access Schedule, Bank Balances & any Time Sheet

Through MX-SeflManager, the employee can access his calendar schedules, real-time bank balances, time sheet over any period of time they chose in the past, present and future. And at any time when the manager wishes to modify the schedule of the employee, the employee will be advised by email and act accordingly.

To control personal profile information

Each employee can access their own personal profile, which includes demographic details and contact information. They can request any personal information be changed and any changes can be done simply and quickly.

To Log In from Anywhere at Anytime

Employees can log in anywhere at any time with any industry standard browser. With the MX-SeflManager all information is relayed between the MX-SmartScheduler, Employee Scheduling, MX-HRManager, Human Resources, MX-ProjectManager, Project & Job manager and MX-SmartTracker, Time and Attendance, and bi-directional communication between employees and manager.

MX-SelfManager’s benefits

  • Its dashboard shows who is in or out
  • Its dashboard shows who is absent of sick
  • Its dashboard shows who is working on what
  • Easily find the right person for overtime
  • Easily find replacements
  • Approve online requests for leaves of absence
  • Approve daily or weekly timesheets
  • Approve daily exceptions
  • Request to hire a new employee
  • Request to lay off an employee
  • Request to increase an employee’s salary
  • Request an employee’s transfer

Screenshot MX-SelfManager

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