Human Resources

MX-HRManager is designed to help you organize, staff, and pay your global workforce. With modern, intuitive self-service capabilities, users and administrators can both get the information they need about their jobs and organizations.

MX-HRManager is an advanced, high performance human resources management system that centralizes all the data relative to time and attendance, employee scheduling and human resources. Centralized employee profiles can be accessed by payroll managers, time and attendance supervisors, HR managers and upper management for any specific intervention on their part. Employees can also benefit from restricted access privileges to their profiles via an Internet or Intranet portal.

MX-HRManager is the perfect integration of time and attendance and employee scheduling, which makes it the ideal tool for your own payroll and HR personnel. MX-HRManager automates and efficiently manages all the complex parameters down to most case specific details of your HR and can be integrated to your own payroll system. Thanks to real-time reports you will be able to cost and easily manage your HR activities without delays and errors with the BI and Dashboard reporting.

MX-HRManager’s benefits

  • Centralized database accessed by employees and management
  • Automated internal processes resulting in higher productivity
  • Time saving Internet or Intranet employee self-service
  • A reliable, efficient and easy to use management tool
  • Access all times to real-time reports
  • A fully parameter definable software that will guarantee a better automation of processes without human intervention
  • Integration module to your payroll is available
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  • Employee performance evaluation management
  • Management of disciplinary notes on file
  • Employee skills management
  • Seniority management
  • Probation period management
  • Employee profile modification and follow-up
  • Management of absences
  • Salary scale management
  • Automated attachment of wages and follow-up
  • Time banks management
  • Vacation management
  • Work accident management
  • Training programs management
  • Staffing management
  • Schooling management