Timesheets & Expenses

With MX-SmartTimer, you will find the solution to your Time Sheets tracking problems. Instead of carrying on using 10 different timesheet formats to track the time and expenses you have to pay to your employees, why don’t you use a smart timesheets system instead?

MX-SmartTimer will effortlessly standardize your timesheets work flow processing and will make your life much more easier from the request for leave of absence up to the overtime request and expenses to be approved. Your payroll hassles will end with MX-SmartTimer. All the problems companies constantly go through are usually directly related to unreadable paper timesheets, the lack of control over the time really worked and the expenses effectively associate to a specific activity. Now, no more excuse from employees or managers because your entire timesheets & expenses process will first happen in the cloud as it is integrated to your personal workflow approval, and then transferred to your payroll, from anywhere at any time.

MX-SmartTimer on Demand is the solution by far to your most upsetting problems, letting you use any type of data related to time & expenses to be paid or personal information to be updated, and all this at the same time.

Screenshot MX-SmartTimer

Whether you prefer to use your tablet or your computer, MX-SmartTimer has been designed for the busy user like you, to unshackle that extra precious time that we all wish we‘d have more often in our smart working day.

No more additional cumbersome clerical work. Time & expenses tracking has never been so easy with the MX-SmartTimer.

Benefits for your entire organisation

  • Timesheets will be available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Flexibility on when to approve timesheets (e.g. daily, weekly or fortnightly)
  • Flexibility on when to enter timesheets and expenses by the employees
  • Email notifications of timesheets that need to be approve
  • Transparency in the status of the timesheet
  • Functionality to push back timesheets
  • Ability to view historical timesheets

MX-SmartTimer is designed to offer transparency and clarity in entering, managing and tracking time & expenses, while automatically regrouping all your timesheets from every department, every client and every project into one Intelligent Workforce Management on Demand outstanding file.

Experience the ease and reliability that our Professional Services Automation solution can bring to your business, risk free.

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  • Integrated to worldwide time zone
  • Use of Attendance Types to automatically generate basic payments
  • Ability to override Ordinary Hours payments
  • Ability to allocate overtime hours on the timesheets
  • Ability to view and control any type of time bank
  • Access to summary of hours to be paid and expenses
  • Easy identification of weekends and public holidays
  • Ability to enter unlimited attendance sessions on the same day
  • Smart Workflow Approval process
  • Business intelligence Dashboard Reporting is used to track time in real-time