June 23, 2017

Benefit of a unified staff management tool

Why is it so hard for executives and non-unionized employees to show proof of their works and give their expense account on time? After all it is the only way for them of receiving their remuneration in time and according to the policy of their company.

Until precise directives on the procedures to be followed are not implanted, there will always be conflicts between the employers and those employees. Since they are not obliged of confirming their presence but only of declaring their absences, they often believe that the employer has to give them their monthly or weekly wage regardless if the work if done or not. However, in 99% of the cases they have to confirm their presence in a way or another. Even business partners.

Badly managed, the expenses accounts and the time sheets are often not received on time and that causes a delay in the pay bringing frustrations.

So is there a solution to avoid that type of situation? The answer is yes. It is simple and only requires a small mentality change from the management team. Adequate and unified procedures have to be implemented. An automated process could lead the company toward a healthy management and that is where the manual and verbal process has failed.

The first step to implant these procedures is to use the appropriate tool that allows the follow-up of the complete record of the presences, absences and expenses accounts. That will help the company directors in supervising all the employees. Such procedures will bring a healthy management in the business process.

It is the normality that every employee has to inform their immediate superior when they have an external obligation like a medical appointment, need to go to the dentist, etc… Normally the superior approves the request of notice of leave on the day requested.

Unfortunately it happens that the superior forgets to inform the director or passes the information to him by email which is lost within the tremendous amount of emails received. How it is possible for the accountant to know which employee requested a day without pay or a day of vacation? Without a standardized tool it is impossible for that person to make these types of deductions.

The answer lies in the setting of a management system tool that controls the requests of notice of absence, time sheets and expenses accounts. That will allow a bidirectional level of communication between the employee and the accounting department. This goes from the employee, to the supervisors to the directors and up to the appropriate department.

Mx-Solution offers a module that allows an unlimited amount of approval levels. In most of the companies 6 levels are required. With this tool you can easily control if the implemented procedures are being respected.

An organized model will lead to efficient management. Also the employees won’t have to worry about a delay in their remuneration because the person in charge will receive in real time approval of their requests once it is being approved by their supervisor.

When the workflows are being followed with an adequate system, a harmonious climate reigns within the company. That way conflicts are being avoided between the employer and the employees.
However it is very important for that harmony to exist that a bidirectional climate of trust takes place as well. That kind of system requires that the company’s directors follow the same guidelines to produce their own time sheets and their expenses accounts. As said, you need to lead by example.

In order to validate by yourself what can be a unified staff management tool, mx-Solution invites you to try the free trial version of the modules mx-smartTimer and mx-selfManager.