A fast and efficient applicant tracking process

While it is crucial to hire the best employees, it is equally crucial to have an applicant tracking solution that meets the expectations of managers, recruiters and candidates.

This applicant tracking software is offered as an option to MX-HRManager human resources module. It is a cloud solution that simplifies and automates the staffing process.

Careers Page

The solution is integrated with your company site on your career page.

Publish your job ads

Job offers are posted on your career page. The multiposting function allows to publish simultaneously on different recruitment platforms and social media of your choice.

Application of candidates

Applicants respond to job offers using a single form to which their CV is attached. They are then added to your database. An automatic and personalized response is immediately sent.

Research and ranking of candidates.

The software analyzes the candidates using criteria and a semantic engine proposes those that meet the requirements by classifying them according to their skills and distance from their residence. Those who apply are added to the list.

Candidate’s file.

The original CV, video-curriculum, psychometric and language tests, evaluations, activities and hiring contracts are all on the same page.


Share your professional evaluations with your colleagues. Comments received are saved.


Candidates may be asked to:

  • participate in a video interview
  • respond to a psychometric test
  • complete a language test


Hire candidates in one click and attach the hiring contract.

Communication and activities

Email, interview request, phone call or any other activity carried out are stored in the archive.