Business Intelligence

MX-Solution on Demand has been designed to be easily used as a Work Force Management Business Intelligence Dashboard. MX-Solution will bring your Human Resources information to a whole new level. MX-Solution’s Dashboard keeps tab on business’s directions, projections and performances. MPEX’s BI applications extract and present relevant business data to guide you in your decision making throughout your daily business tasks. MPEX’s BI applications are scalable with your business growth and you don’t need an external BI to keep you on track on your Workforce data management.

MX-Solution raises your BI
to a whole new Level!
Like Staff Absenteeism
Like Employee Turnover analysis
Like Overtime Analysis
Like Payroll Analysis

MPEX business intelligence solution keeps your managers on track on what really matters and helps them improve productivity with terrific results.

Organizations are constantly faced with the need to make important decisions about their people. The quality and speed of these decisions can determine the organization’s ability to compete, deliver its strategy and manage cost and transformation challenges. Leveraging workforce information to underpin these decisions is the key to achieve success.