Business Services and Healthcare

In the service industry, the biggest challenge is to manage all aspects of your ongoing customer services, including project management, job costing, billing and time tracking. At the same time, in healthcare and homecare environment there is a dire need for specialists available 24/7. With MX-Solution you no longer need to waste your time on estimating the needed number of employees to cover a shift or keeping costs in check – our service perfectly addresses all these requirements.


Every manager knows that in billing and time tracking every minute counts. MPEX Business Solutions offers the smartest tool on the market aimed to help managers with scheduling and making the right staff replacements. The service provides every client with accurate information on time for the payroll end date for billable vs. non-billable time. The tool improves your profitability by managing both your time and expenses. Looking for a service that will help your managers efficiently achieve their goals? Then MX-Solution is a perfect option for you.

Efficient Time Management

Time management is extremely important, especially for individuals who run their own business. MX-Solution is considered as a professional SaaS that helps its customers avoid common time management pitfalls. Our tool offers a wide range of productivity and workforce management business solutions that allow tracking a full spectrum of business projects, including work in process and on-call services.

Valuable Healthcare Service

MX-Solution is a leading manager and employee scheduling software. With MX-SmartTracker (time & attendance management), MX-ProjectManager (project & job management) and MX-SelfManager (employee & manager self-service), you always have up-to-date and relevant information about your staff timesheets, pay stubs, calendar schedules, and real-time bank balances, which is extremely crucial for the healthcare industry. MX-Solution is an ideal tool for keeping track of employee availability.

Easy to implement

MX-Solution reduces labor cost, eliminates employee absenteeism and increases staff performance. It allows providing the high level of service needed to maintain customer satisfaction. What’s more, the software is user-friendly and easy to implement. MX-Solution is a perfect choice for those who strive to increase profits in their business and healthcare industry, applying cost-effective and efficient employee scheduling service.