Manufacturing and Distribution

For any business owner, it’s essential to manage time and budget successfully. Today, more than ever before, manufacturers and distributors have to focus on improving their productivity to meet customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition. MX-Solution assists in increasing staff performance by reducing labor costs, eliminating overtime as well as excluding employee absenteeism. MX-Solution tool provides that high level of service every manufacturer and distributor needs to maintain customer satisfaction.


For manufacturing organizations, it’s important to constantly be in control of their bottom line profit. MX-Solution perfectly helps to cope with this task by ensuring its customers with the next solutions:

MX-SmartTracker (time & attendance management) allows to efficiently control the time and attendance information to follow-up ongoing job on the shop floor.

MX-SelfManager (employee & manager self-service) helps you track who’s working on a specific project at any time of the day and from anywhere, even if you are at that moment located 100 miles away from your plant.

MX-ProjectManager (project & job management) helps manufacturers benefit from labor costs and delivers a real-time view of their working process. It also helps manager effectively control employee’ working hours


Distributors provide a wide range of services, including product information, technical support, estimates, etc. Because most distributors ensure supplier and manufacturer’s promotional efforts with strong manpower and cash support, they are expected to quickly respond to market demands.

MX-Solution helps distributors better manage their client high expectations, providing the opportunity to see online who is working on what project at any of the warehouses. The only thing you need for viewing the work of your employees and managers is to glance into the solution interface.

MX-Solution allows tracking your staff’s work as easy as never before. It is an ideal service for both manufacturers and distributors that efficiently increases productivity and leads to inescapable profit.


MX-Solution promotes workforce alignment. Now you can schedule the right employee at the right place for the right time without any difficulty

MX-Solution assists in managing labor cost by eliminating both employee overtime and absenteeism

Scheduler can be integrated to any time and attendance system in order for clientele, so clienteles can keep their existing systems while enjoying the smart way to schedule their workforce

Transparent & Automated