Data collection

MX-Solution on Demand is completely independent of your source of data collected when your staff punches In and Out. MX-SmartTracker works with most of the existing punch clocks or data collection terminals on the market like Suprema, Amano, CMI, Synel, Handpunch and many others. You may however choose to use your own computer, smartphone, tablet or any mobile to punch In and Out. This complete punch clock software keeps track of your employees’ hours by providing them with the convenience of punching in and out and allowing them to easily view their hours for any given period of time. And as a manager, you will benefit by adding, viewing, and modifying the data as you need it.

List of equipment supported by MPEX
Suprema Square FaceStation 2

Suprema Square FaceStation 2 is an advanced facial recognition terminal with enhanced functionality. Powered by Suprema’s innovation in facial biometrics, the FaceStation 2 offers unparalleled comparison speed, accuracy, and security. Using Suprema’s patented optical engineering, the FaceStation 2 achieves up to 25,000 lux of operational illumination, providing total confidence in any lighting condition. Integrated into an ergonomic design, the FaceStation 2 offers exceptional performance and ease of use for a variety of access control and punching sites, large and small.

Suprema FaceStation Thermal

The Suprema FaceStation Thermal is an intelligent face recognition terminal, enabling facial recognition for up to 30,000 users to provide biometric authentication and access control. Infrared-based live face detection blocks access to fake faces. This device also supports MIFARE card reading. The built-in 4-inch LCD screen uses an Android-based GUI to display information. This device has a built-in speaker and microphone. Interfaces on this terminal include RS-485, Ethernet 1000M, relay, Wiegand (input and output), and two TTL inputs.

BioEntry P2

The BioEntry P2 is a compact fingerprinting device featuring Suprema’s next-generation biometric technology and security software, all packed into a sleek and modern compact panel. Our fast-matching versatile biometrics scanner is perfect for enterprises of all sizes and is rated best in its class for performance. Store up to 10,000 unique users or 1,000,000 event logs. It can either be equipped as a standalone system or integrated into a more comprehensive security panel.

FaceStation F2

The FaceStation F2 is the pinnacle of face-recognition technology. Our fusion matching algorithm optimizes infrared and visual facial recognition for exceptional authentication accuracy at a distance. This makes the FaceStation F2 the perfect solution for security, safety, and hygiene in the post-pandemic world. The FaceStation F2 also comes with robust data encryption and device security to guarantee user safety and protection. Our technology offers a wide range of authentication options as well. These include the face, mobile access, fingerprint, and card authentication.

Symcod LBC Black New Model

The Symcod LBC allows you to monitor equipment, time, and inventory while enabling the use of external devices. It includes accessories such as proximity reader for tokens and cards, and the Symcod Laser Scanner. Its configuration can be customized to meet 12 VDC or DC single injector power supply 12 V or DC injector 8 ports.


MX-SmartTimer will effortlessly standardize your processing of timesheet workflows and make your life much easier at every step of the process — from leave requests to overtime requests and expenses to approval. MX-SmartTimer provides permanently available timesheets, flexibility on timesheets approval and entering, email notifications, transparency, push back functionality, history, etc.

X-Station 2

The X-Station 2 device is a highly-intelligent terminal built to scan credentials like fingerprints or QR codes. Our cutting-edge technology comes with enhanced security and data protection, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or threats to your valuable information. With the X-Station 2, enjoy ethernet connectivity and a water-tight, wireless design with customizable UI and over 16GB of storage. The X-Station 2 brings streamlined security to any operating system: see what our technology can do for you today.