Employee & Manager Self Service

The MX-SelfManager is a web-based tool used to simplify the management of your most crucial resource, your workforce. Self Service provides unparalleled flexibility to allow employees access to their most important information over the Internet. Thus, you get and maintain greater control over accessing calendar schedules, timesheets, and bank balances at anytime from anywhere.

Why MX-SelfManager?

Through MX-SeflManager, the employees can access their calendar schedules, real-time bank balances and timesheets. At any time, when the manager wishes to modify the individual schedule of the employee, the employee will be notified via email.

Employees can update their availability for regular duty or overtime assignments. They can input work availability preferences based on department and times. All this information is routed in real-time back to MX-Solution to be approved by their supervisor.

Employees can use MX-SelfManager to make and review the status of their request for leave of absence including sick leave, vacation time, or business trip leave. They can also view time bank balances.

Each employee can access their own personal profile and settings, which include demographic details and contact information. They can request any personal information be changed and any changes can be done simply and quickly.

Employees can log in from any device, including work station, laptop, smartphone or tablet at any time and with any standard browser. Here are some actions that managers and employees can perform in self-service mode.



Show who is in, out or absent
Show who is working on what

Human Resources

Find the right person for overtime
Find replacements
Approve request for leave of absence
Approve daily or weekly timesheets
Approve daily exceptions
Request for hiring
Motion for lay off
Request for salary increase
Transfer request


View Information

Timesheets and pay stubs
Calendar schedules
Real-time bank balances

Sign Up, Request

Update availability
Sign up for overtime
Request for leave of absence

Transparent & Automated