Improve your human resource management

With the increasing number of time-sensitive tasks that fall to organizations on a day-to-day basis, there is a pressing need to manage human resources, monitor ongoing processes, and keep track of data without delay. The failure to do that will inevitably undermine employee efficiency and adversely affect labor planning, leaving a company out of business in the long run. The good news is that it’s not the case with MX-HRManager, a comprehensive human resource management system developed by MPEX Business Solutions. We have managed to achieve a breakthrough in workforce analytics and implemented it in an easy-to-use software tool.

On the whole, MX-HRManager is an all-in-one human resources software solution that encourages improvement in recording, scheduling, reporting, payroll processing, analyzing and distributing information. It enables a manager to gain a deeper insight into the processes within an organization and handle them competently. With MX-HRManager, you will get access to all human resources services in one place, allowing you to sort out your priorities and focus on your business goals. It is our system that will help you reduce delays, avoid inaction, and surmount any obstacle associated with the red tape. At MPEX Business Solutions, we believe that it’s up to every manager to boost the productivity of their employees. That is why we provide you with one of the most effective HR management solutions for keeping an eye on your business metrics and improving all the processes in your office environment.

What will you get with our human resource management system?

MX-HRManager proves to be highly advantageous for organizations which specialize in different areas of business, including retail, hospitality, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and healthcare. And here is why:

Effective management of employee records

Our system allows you to save your time when preparing payroll and keeping track of time and attendance. No more bookkeeping and piles of paperwork. Now all the employee records and personnel files (from the initial onboarding to the retirement) will be kept in order. Thus, you will be able to minimize human error and access the data with ease.

Range of configuration options

MX-HRManager stands out from other human resource management solutions owing to its varied configuration options. When using the system, you can arrange sections and elements in the way you want. Choose the type of information to be included and keep your employees informed in a matter of seconds.

Improved communication

With MX-HRManager, you no longer need to worry about creating reliable communication channels within your organization. Our solution features an integrated email service that enables you to reach out to your employees directly. You will be able to send individual as well as group messages.

Easier reporting and analysis

From now on you will not face any difficulties with preparing reports and analyzing employee information by year, gender, or department. All you need is to use filters in the corresponding fields. Also, our system allows for adjusting the data layout and exporting graphs to an Excel spreadsheet. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and bring your organization on the way to success. Take your human resource management to the next level with MX-HRManager!

Transparent & Automated