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Optimize your daily tasks with MX-ProjectManager job management software

Disjointed spreadsheets may ravage your project and job management. They make it hard to assign multiple tasks to your employees and take work hours tracking off the table. Here’s your alternative – MX-ProjectManager, a cloud-based project and job management software solution. MX-ProjectManager brings integrity to your workflows. Available in a cloud environment, this module allows you to better plan projects, assign them to your staff, track progress and monitor how much you spend to get the job done. It is a lifesaver for business services and other companies.

Key features of MX-ProjectManager online job management software

Whether you are involved in the distribution industry or provide marketing services, your workflows may need an upgrade to improve overall productivity. MX-ProjectManager can be your upgrade. When using this software for project management, you can:

Project & Job estimation and budgeting

Wide array of production reports

Export to external sources

Work order & task management

Automated links with several accounting packages

Management of job costing benefits

Import from external sources

Transparent & Automated

No tedious deployment and technical hassles

MX-ProjectManager is a cloud-based SaaS solution. That means you can start using it without investing in on-premises infrastructure or spending months configuring open-source job management software. You get all the features, like MX-SmartTracker and job costing tools, straight out of the box to leverage them for your daily tasks.

Our project management software can be easily connected with your ERP or other business systems. It is created for smooth integrations, allowing you to retrieve real-time data from different solutions. This is how MX-Project Manager helps you manage projects and jobs with every single detail factored in.

MX-ProjectManager can also be scaled up or down to adapt to your management needs. With automated resource allocation, this module grows at the right time to handle as many projects and jobs as you throw at it.

Like other solutions from MPEX Business Solutions, MX-ProjectManager comes with a free trial. Request it today to test our software for one month without paying a dollar upfront!