Take Control of Time
and Expenses

MX-SmartTimer is designed to offer transparency and clarity in entering, managing and tracking time and expenses, while automatically regrouping all your timesheets from every department, every client and every project into one intelligent workforce management on demand outstanding file.

Make your life simpler

MX-SmartTimer on Demand is the by far solution to your most upsetting problems, letting you use any type of data related to time and expenses to be paid or personal information to be updated, and all this simultaneously.

MX-SmartTimer will effortlessly standardize your timesheets workflow processing and make your life much easier from the request for leave of absence up to the overtime request and expenses to be approved. When you select one of MPEX smart tools, you get all the benefits of our extensive experience and advanced technology as well as of the latest practices in the field.

Say No to Payroll Problems

Your payroll hassles will end with MX-SmartTimer. Problems, which companies go through, are usually related to unreadable paper timesheets, human errors, the lack of control over the time really worked and the expenses effectively associated with a specific activity.

However, once you have your payroll processes automated, you can forget about additional cumbersome clerical work and big headaches in the long run. With MX-SmartTimer, time and expenses tracking has never been so easy.

Benefits for your entire organisation

Timesheets will be available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Flexibility on when to approve timesheets (e.g. daily, weekly or fortnightly)

Flexibility on when to enter timesheets and expenses by the employees

Email notifications of timesheets that need to be approved

Transparency in the status of the timesheet

Functionality to push back timesheets

Ability to view historical timesheets

In the Cloud

Now, no more excuse from employees or managers because your entire timesheets and expenses process will first happen in the cloud as it is integrated to your personal workflow approval and then transferred to your payroll, from anywhere at any time.

Whether you prefer using your tablet or your computer, MX-SmartTimer has been designed for a busy user to unshackle that extra precious time that we all wish we‘d have more often in our working day.

Here are some features you will love

Online timesheets

Recording of time worked by projects, departments, locations

Summary of hours and expenses

Timesheets history

Categories of expenses, overtime, time banks

Recording of associated expenses

Email notification when timesheet is not submitted on time

Employees dashboards

Notes and comments

Real-time approval process

Transparent & Automated