More than ever in our unsecure economy, CIO realizes that the smartest answer to their constant infrastructure needs is to go with the word SaaS, Software as a Service. With this system, project can be implemented much faster than with the traditional on-premise way. It’s not difficult to understand why. SaaS is simple and fast to install because there’s nothing to implement in-house and users can get going right after the decision-maker has taken the smartest decision there is in opting to go with MPEX in the cloud as a software as a service.

MX-Solution can take care of any part of your workforce business process, from the mobile time clock to the human resources management, self-service, employee scheduling and project management, for a fraction of the price to invest on traditional on-premise software.

MPEX is the only SaaS company that will even allow
customer to use the MX-Solution as a software as a
service (SaaS) in the cloud or to install it on your PC
Transparent & Automated