MX-SmartTracker – time and attendance tracking software tailored to your needs

Long gone are the days when punch clocks and timesheets were the only tools to keep track of attendance. Thanks to modern technologies, there are now much more convenient and efficient ways to control your employees. MX-SmartTracker is a time management system that allows you to track every working hour, analyze and approve timesheets, and generate each employee’s payroll according to his or her output. This way, you can immediately boost your overall productivity as well as cut back on unnecessary labor expenses. Save time and money you spend on tracking your employees, schedule planning, and payroll processing! What is more, MX-SmartTracker is now available in the Cloud, so you don’t need to worry about backing up or losing your valuable data. We offer a wide range of packages at flexible prices to suit even the tightest budget. At MPEX Business Solutions, our main goal is to create innovative time management tools that satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients. Our software has user-friendly, intuitive, customizable design that easily adapts to your personal requirements.

MX-SmartTracker is one of the best time management apps currently presented on the market. You won’t experience any problems integrating it into your existing payroll system or external pay service. As great as it is on its own, MX-SmartTracker also works perfectly with the majority of existing punch clock and data collection terminals such as Suprema, Amano, CMI, Synel, Handpunch and many others. With MX-SmartTracker, you get advanced time and attendance software which is guaranteed to enhance any system you currently use and significantly simplify your payroll processing. Spend extra hours developing your business rather than juggling numbers! Click the button below to get a trial demo version of MX-Solution that includes MX-SmartTracker and much more!

Innovative solutions for time and attendance management

MX-SmartTracker is an advanced, independent time and attendance tracking software that can fully replace your current system. No need to invest in expensive InTouch electronic time clocks, install old-school punch-clocks or make your employees use a timesheet! With MX-SmartTracker, your personnel can punch in and out using time management apps on their computers, smartphones, and tablets. Forget about data collection terminals! MX-SmartTracker is available on the web with all of the data being stored in the cloud to make sure you can access it anytime and anywhere. Even though our software can function independently, we respect our clients’ wishes to stick to their usual time-tracking devices. Which is why MX-SmartTracker is designed to be 100% compatible with any other popular time management software available on the market. You can even use your POS to punch in and out! What is more, MPEX Business Solutions is always ready to go an extra mile to satisfy your needs. Do you have problems connecting MX-SmartTracker to what you already have? Our specialist will develop custom solutions to make sure our software matches your needs! So if you have any questions or requests, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


MX-SmartTracker works with most existing punch clock software and data collection terminals on the market.

MX-SmartTracker helps save both time and money in schedule planning and employee time-tracking.

Your employees can easily punch in and out using their own computers, smartphones or tablets

MX-SmartTracker integrates seamlessly with client’s payroll package or external pay services.

The tool allows saving from 25 to 50% of the time dedicated to payroll processing.

We ensure our customers with easy to operate interface. Therefore, the solution is simple enough to understand and interact with.

Transparent & Automated