Payroll Management Software

MX-SmartPayer is a sophisticated tool designed to automate and streamline the payroll function of every business. It addresses the full spectrum of your payroll and compensation needs by providing complex calculation, automatic tax updates, audit, reporting as well as adaptable pay groups and organizations. MX-SmartPayer is a perfect SaaS to eliminate the hassle of tedious manual payroll calculations. With this tool, you can be sure that your employees are always paid on time.

Simplified processing

More than a simple deductions calculator, MX-SmartPayer automates the whole payroll process and responds to complex needs, comprising group insurance benefits, vacation pay, a bank of hours, retirement plans, trade unions, wage garnishment, CCQ, CNESST and support payments. With MX-SmartPayer there is no need to create additional Excel files. What’s more, the service simplifies your payroll processing with automatic GL entries every pay period.

In case you don’t want to change your current time and attendance management system, you can keep it: MX-SmartPayer easily integrates with most time and attendance software, including Sage, Accpac, Great Plains, SAP, SAP Business One, Simply Accounting, etc.

Flexible and Profitable Solution

You may also continue using your current time and attendance management system; MX-SmartPayer is integrated to MX-SmartTracker and is able to work with any time and attendance software like Kronos, and many more. Flexibility is at the core of our Smart Payroll Software. For example, MX-SmartPayer has no limits on the number of earning and deduction codes. More than a simple deductions calculator, MX-SmartPayer automates the whole payroll process to efficiently manage vacation pay, multiple probation periods, collective bargaining agreements, group insurance benefits, etc.

Promising Possibilities

MX-SmartPayer gives its customers access to everything they need for efficient payroll management, including valid information regarding direct and indirect job costing by department, position, and project. By acquiring MX-SmartPayer, you receive both: the unlimited number of payrolls per period as well as the unlimited number of direct deposits per employee and per period into different bank accounts. The software gives you the ability to reopen and make changes to previous pay periods. Furthermore, default timesheet for each employee profile is already included in the MX-SmartPayer package.

Holistic Solution

MX-SmartPayer takes your organization’s payroll operations to the next level. It ensures customers not only with automated calculation of worker’s compensation but also with the calculation of wage attachments. The service provides each client with the retirement plan management and beneficial vacation pay management features, thus automating your payroll management system as much as possible.

MX-SmartPayer is the one and only software in
Canada to completely automate all the complex
parameters of your payroll process

Direct and indirect job costing by department, position and/or project

Easy and quick access to information from one or many pay periods

Ability to reopen and make changes to previous pay periods

Automated calculation of attachment of wages

Management of bargaining agreement parameters

Complete Vacation Pay management features

Retirement plan management and reporting

Default time sheet for each employee profile

Integrated to Time and attendance programs like Kronos etc.

Construction industry payroll management

Unlimited number of payrolls per period

Unlimited number of deductions per pay, per employee

Spousal support payments from gross to net

Automated management of time banks, vacation banks, sick time, etc.

Management of amounts due by employees such as overdue group insurance fees, union dues, employee loans with flexible reimbursement terms

Publication of online records of employment

Pay simulator

Attachment of wages by exception

Unlimited number of direct deposits per period, per employee into different bank accounts

Automated calculation of Worker Compensation contributions

Calculation of Worker Compensation contributions by position, by department, etc.

Complete management of union related operations such as enrolment fees, and union dues. Complete disbursement report per union

Management of taxable benefits

Computer generated T-4 slips

Integrated to MX-SelfManager

Transparent & Automated