Retailers, restaurants, and hotels survive on profit margins. It’s always intensive work to guess the accurate number of employees needed to cover a shift, or the best worker to fill an open shift against skill and availability. With MX-SmartScheduler, it’s now easy to schedule the right employee and to assign him to the right place. MX-SmartScheduler will help you eliminate manual scheduling on paper, or on Excel, and ensures optimal labor coverage for every shift, every day from anywhere.

MX-SmartScheduler applies to all workplaces where a shift scheduling problem exists. It will help you eliminate manual scheduling and ensures optimal labor coverage for every shift, every day from anywhere.

MX-SmartScheduler generates a visual display of the schedules and a set of printed reports, according to the user’s criteria. It can also handle any number of current shift changes you may have to face in your workweek. After, all you have to do is distribute them online and analyze your performance.

employee scheduling
Displayed on the screen as colored visual grids and exposing at first glance the scheduling for a period of time, all the changes including replacing the absences and task transfers are available for you. Based on the data displayed, you can quickly modify the shift according to the scheduler’s suggestions. It will even consider the availability, skills, and seniority involved in replacing manpower.
MX-SmartScheduler’s Benefits
Employees having access to their schedule anytime from anywhere will reduce most frustrations between employees and managers – for example, when an employee doesn’t show up when his schedule is changed at the last minute or when an employee drives two hours to get to work when he is not scheduled
Scheduler can be integrated to any time and attendance system in order for clientele, so clienteles can keep their existing systems while enjoying the smart way to schedule their workforce
With smart and flexible work schedules, employers reduce turnover of valued staff workforce
Using Excel or PDF as the main output, so users will have control over how to present and analyze their schedules
Increased employee morale, engagement, and commitment to the organization
Extended hours of operation for departments such as customer service
Allows people to work when they can accomplish most, feel freshest, and enjoy working
Develops image as an employer of choice with family friendly flexible work schedules
Reduced absenteeism and tardiness
Transparent & Automated