Workforce on demand

MX-Solution is a leading online software suite that greatly simplifies tough personnel management. It helps to control labor costs and efficiently manage the internal workforce. The tool is considered as a single data integrated solution for Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Employee Timesheets & Expenses, Human Resources and many others.

Avoid duplicated data entries with a single software where you can find all the payroll processing information you need, from anywhere at any time with MX-Solution.

Efficient Workforce

MX-Solution is suitable for companies of any size, in any industry. Since data is updated in real time, managers can make well-thought-out decisions based on the latest and most accurate information. The software allows processing payroll online, thus saving both: customer’s time and efforts.
If you are looking for a SaaS that will comprise all your employee profiles and data in one place, then our service is a perfect option for you. MX-Solution is truly the best service to optimize your on-demand force at an affordable price.

Enhanced Employee

The software allows employees to update information in their profiles with easy-to-fill requests through the web, and, at the same time, all those employee requests will strictly follow your corporation’s workflow policies. MX-Solution helps companies of different sizes get beyond manual payroll calculation. Whether you want to increase staff productivity or just track your employee work online, our SaaS is always at your service.

Transparent & Automated