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An Integrated Time & Attendance Payroll and Human Resources Workforce Management Software

Tracking work hours is an integral part of proper workforce management. For many, managing employees’ time & attendance is a significant and time-consuming task. So, a single data source to keep track of all workforce operations within the company, from punch collection to payroll production, is the key to your business success. Our solution will help you transform all your management headaches into an integrated and collaborative process.
Time and Attendance
Prepare accurate payroll, capture attendances and hours worked, then manage exceptions, correct punches, approve timesheets, and export data to the designated payroll system.

Easy-to-use payroll software allows you to take control of employee compensation. Payroll management is so much easier when payroll is integrated with time & attendance and human resources.

Human Resources

Centralize all information related to talent management, hours worked, schedules, and payroll. MX-Solution — a single database for all your workforce management needs.

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Manufacturing and Distribution
To get the most from business processes, both distributors and manufacturers should focus on productivity increase and quickly respond to short time demands. MX-Solution can help you achieve these objectives in a few clicks.
Retail and Hospitality
When it comes to the retail and hospitality industry, keeping costs in check while covering all shifts with an appropriate number of employees is crucial. MX-Solution effectively addresses these requirements, providing seamless business activity.
Business Services and Healthcare
To keep an edge over the competition, managers working in business and healthcare industries have to focus on anticipating and meeting their customers’ unique needs. MX-Solution will help you overcome these obstacles promptly and in time.
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All-in-one workforce management software for productivity gains

MPEX Business Solutions is here to equip managers with everything they need to get more done for less money and in less time. Meet MX-Solution, our full-fledged suite of workforce management solutions. We have crammed many value-added modules into it to make sure it benefits your business, whether you are a local retailer or an international distributor. MX-Solution solves all your management woes associated with tracking employee attendance, work hours, schedules and expenses. It couples this data with business intelligence insights to help you optimize your projects and underpin your strategic business decisions. The MX-Solution workforce management system is available as a SaaS solution. Integrate it into your business processes and watch your productivity soar!

Build your own suite of the best workforce management solutions

It’s up to you to pick which MX-Solution modules to integrate into your workflow:

  • MX-SmartTracker. This is a go-to solution to keep tabs on employee attendance and hours. MX-SmartTracker delivers insights for you to control how and when your staff works while helping you prepare accurate payroll.
  • MX-SmartScheduler. If you are involved in the retail or hospitality industry, include MX-SmartScheduler in your MX-Solution suite. It is a top workforce management software solution for employee scheduling. It helps you cover all your shifts efficiently, even if you need to re-allocate resources or deal with multiple shift changes.
  • MX-SmartTimer. Now you can check, enter and approve timesheets easier. With MX-SmartTimer, you can monitor work hours and analyze expenses for every project or customer. It is an advanced addition to MX-SmartTracker.
  • MX-SmartPayer. This workforce management software solution is a spreadsheet-free way to prepare payroll. It enables you to automate complex calculations – from insurance benefits to deductions – so that your employees are compensated on time.
  • MX-HRManager. Whether you are looking to keep your employee profiles in one place or improve communication within your organization, MX-HRManager is for you. It helps you organize all the records to manage people, boost their productivity and fight absenteeism.
  • MX-SelfManager. Go for it to master the workforce-on-demand concept. With MX-SelfManager, you can interact with your staff via a mobile interface to manage their schedules and respond to their profile changes. When using this tool, your employees can notify you of their availability on the go.
  • MX-ProjectManager. You’d better have this tool included in your workforce management system to track how things are going with your projects and jobs. Plus, MX-ProjectManager allows you to analyze estimates and actual costs to optimize your processes down the road.

Get started with MX-Solution for free

Select the online and mobile workforce management solutions you want your MX-Solution to come with and use it for free for 30 days. You will get it as a fully integrated, hardware-free system. That means you can start improving your management processes once your trial period begins. At MPEX Business Solutions, we offer solutions that your business really needs. Choose your suite options or contact us for advice on what modules are best for your organization.