January 1, 2012

CST Canada Co. implements MPEX Business Solutions in 220 Corner service stations

MONTREAL – CST Canada Co. is pleased to announce that MX-Solution will be upgraded to more useful functionality with the new Employee & Manager Self Service at CST Canada Co., and will be used in their two hundred and twenty Corner Store stations.

The modules included in the contract are for time and attendance management, human resources management and manager self-service. These solutions will allow full automation of current transactions in the human resources and payroll departments as well as simplify the work of branch managers who create the time sheets while juggling with vacations, sick days, working public holidays, etc.

This software implementation will significantly save time in regard to form filling, data entry corrections, reports creation and other transaction of the kind for the CST’s human resources staff.

MPEX offers CST a successful integration and an upgradeability that preserves their previous computer technology investments and offers control over operating costs related to the daily management of human resources.